Moira’s term ˣ acrylic charm

“This place is very charming… rustic cottage—I half expected early Unabomber!”

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Some say smol, she blurts bébé. 🍼 Made of solid and transparent acrylic, the Moira charm measures 1 in with 7 mm rhodium jump ring and 12 mm, ahem, rose gold lobster clasp (both nickel free). Just clip it good.

Shop all charm designs. Actual products, especially handmade cross stitch, may vary slightly from images or digital mockups that simulate art, shape, or material; quality control is always a priority.

scene-stitcher by Justin Gibson combines cross stitch and pop cultch with three guiding threads: comical, practical, radical.

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Dimensions 0.75 × 1.5 × 0.5 in


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