make a scene

cross stitch, pop cultch, let's kvetch

sēn– stich-er /proper noun

/ artist who appropriates (steals) attention via oddity, awe, and a ton of tiny-ass Xs

Cross your art and call me Oprah, because these designs and mashups pay tribute to this millennial’s favorite things. Usually relevant, rarely reverent, shop small and stimulate my economy.

setting the scene

mama-stitcher Lil with Li’l Red and Justin

Not your mama’s cross stitch, though scene‑stitcher is a tribute to my late mom’s crafty skills, loving legacy, and immigrant spirit. She taught me the fundamentals long ago for my first Tweety Bird cross stitch, and I requested a COVID-era refresher during what would be our last Thanksgiving together.

When I found black aida cloth I realized I could mimic film stills and combine cross stitch with my graphic design experience and pop culture obsessions: self-care for me, smiles all around.

Thank you for shopping locally, gifting thoughtfully, and supporting my guiding threads: comical, practical, radical.

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