Stephanie senior shoot

Stephanie senior shoot

Historic Haymarket | Lincoln, Nebraska


Stephanie senior


Stephanie senior shoot


Stephanie senior shoot

After seeing Maegan and John’s engagement shoot, my college friend Stephanie asked me to take her senior photos before graduation this May. We shot back in September in the Haymarket on a football game day, which added the challenge of keeping Husker fans out of the background!

Thankfully we didn’t have much trouble at all, and Stephanie brought her friend Rachel to help with posing ideas, which was a huge help. I think the photos turned out great, and Stephanie’s light wardrobe really helps her shine!

Maegan & John engagement

Pioneers Park | Lincoln, Nebraska

Oh, these two… Lucky (John) was a college dorm suitemate and now one of my best friends, and after spending just a little time with Maegan I could tell that they’re both so wonderfully nerdy—I can say that because I’m nerdy too—and perfect for each other. We didn’t have much of a plan going into this shoot, but it didn’t matter: we improvised, laughed (a lot), and ended up with some really great photos. Now I must design a save-the-date for these crazy kids and then get ready to be a groomsman in May!

(Special thanks to Steve Nazario for letting me borrow one of his office cameras. You rock, dude!)