In my 17 years of teaching college designers, Justin ranks in the top one percent.

Chris Blake | Associate professor of English and communication, Union College



I sum up Justin in two words: mature and focused. He’s a patient and inquisitive listener with an outstanding capacity to grasp design challenges and develop practical, creative solutions.

Robert Moore | Former president, Summa Higher Education Design



Justin has a positive blend of outstanding interpersonal skills and a tremendous capacity for creativity and language. Justin was the go-to student for the most complex design projects. In every combination of circumstances, knowing Justin personally and professionally has been a delight.

Jacque Smith | Former director of public relations, Union College



If I were once again working in the field of public relations and hiring a designer, Justin would be at the top of my list.

Michelle Velazquez Mesnard | Associate vice president of academic initiatives, Union College



Justin is an excellent designer, a thoughtful and creative individual who solves problems and thinks broadly. I am confident that Justin will be a valued asset wherever he goes, and I recommend him without reservation.

Bruce Forbes | Chair of the Division of Fine Arts, Union College



Justin does an amazing job in all aspects of his work. He is a pleasure to work with.

Theresa Loken | Sales representative, Art F/X Screenprinting and Embroidery



In my experience, graphic designers usually fit into one of two categories. Either they are highly creative or they can meet deadlines. Justin is one of the all-too-rare designers who belongs in both groups.

Scott Cushman | Director of digital communication, Union College



Freelance Clients

Show me the clients!
Bagels & Joe | Lincoln, Nebraska

Canyon Coffee Roasters | Lincoln, Nebraska

City of Kearney | Kearney, Nebraska

College View Academy | Lincoln, Nebraska

College View Church | Lincoln, Nebraska

Cypress Dental | Monterey, California

Interfaith Peacemaking Coalition | Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln SDA Credit Union | Lincoln, Nebraska

New Haven SDA Church | Overland Park, Kansas

Tiny Hands International | Lincoln, Nebraska

Union College | Lincoln, Nebraska

Wellness Within Chiropractic Center | Overland Park, Kansas


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